Sunday, October 23, 2011

How To Double the Square Footage in Your House

Josh, Tommy, and I live in a 2 bedroom 1200 sq foot home. We sometimes think it is smaller than we need and usually we'd like to move into a mansion with extra bedrooms for toys, games, crafts, exercise equipment, office equipment, school studies and more.

But after moving Tommy into our room and having Jamie and her (adorable and well-behaved) girls stay in his room for a few nights, our home suddenly feels large enough for us to grow into.

Poor Jamie shared the small room with both of her girls and all of the toys and usually Tommy too. She definitely had the worst of it, but we whined the most.

My mom used to read us a children's book called "It Could Always Be Worse" about a man with a bunch of kids living in a teeny tiny house. He went looking for advice and somebody wise told him to bring his chickens in to live with him. He did it, then went back and whined to the wise man because living with chickens bites. The wise man told him to bring in his goats. Then his cows, then his sheep, etc. Finally after all of the animals and the children had lived together for far too long the wise man told him to get the animals back out of the house and into the yard where they belong. The family suddenly had all kinds of room in their teeny tiny house and lived happily ever after.

So if you want to double the size of your house and don't have chickens, goats, sheep and cows available to you, I recommend having house guests* instead.

*Not just any house guests. They have to be nice people who you love and want to spend all of your time with. They should also be helpful and clean and kind and courteous and totally awesome human beings. Otherwise you'll probably kill them all before they leave and jail probably isn't twice as big as your house.

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