Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Waiting For A Sign

Little John has taken over my entire abdomen. You can tell because there's no longer any room for my bladder, my stomach or my lungs.

Tommy has started waddling everywhere just to mock me and doesn't know that normal people don't back the car out of the garage before buckling their children in.

I've permanently re-positioned the seats in the car to a reclined position because sitting up just isn't physically possible anymore and I'm outgrowing maternity clothes. For real. 

But none of that matters. I know I'm not going to have this baby anytime soon and here's why:

It wasn't until Tommy was nearly a year old and a friend of mine was looking through an old photo album that I knew that my nose had grown at the same rate as my belly. "I hope you don't take this the wrong way" she started - which is code for I'm about to say something mean "but my nose got all fat and huge when I was pregnant too."

This pregnancy I'm still waiting for my feet to transform to tree trunks, my fingers to turn to sausages and my nose to take up half my face. I figure once those things have happened I can start counting down.

In the meantime I need to stop worrying that my water has broken every time I have to pee more than once an hour.


  1. i was waiting for my feet, legs and face to swell up before I had baby #2 like they did with baby #1, but it never happened. (I think its because I wasn't working and wasn't sitting at a computer all day. Chasing an active toddler helps move stuff around so there isn't as much swelling, I figure) So you may get lucky and not get as swollen... You never know.

  2. OH how I remember those days so long ago! You will look back on this one day when your remembering that first tooth, that first football game,his first date, prom, graduation, his wedding, and holding his first child.


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