Thursday, January 28, 2010

Camera face

This is Thomas' regular camera face:

I think he's not quite sure what that thing is, or why his mother holds it ALL DAY LONG.

This is Thomas' "mom is so funny" face:

It requires a stealth sneak attack and some serious distraction.

This is Thomas' "whoa what was that flash" face:
I think it's more "interested" than "afraid". Josh thinks it's "wow I'm blind"....meh what does he know?


  1. Awwww....he is SO cute! I can't believe I've never actually seen him in person. I am TOTALLY missing out!

  2. Gosh he is CUTE!!! I love all his many faces!

  3. You're good at the sneak attacks! Half of mine end up having pants or a chair or something in the picture. It's amazing how fast Aiden can go from a huge smile or laugh to completely 100% amazed and distracted! Thomas is just getting cuter and cuter!! And he looks just like his dad doesn't he?

  4. I love the discovering the camera faces! All babies go through that phase :-)

  5. Everyone says all babies are cute but seriously he's a looker! What a beautiful baby.


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