Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Truth About Turning 26

Here's the thing about turning 26.

Not only did my brain finish forming, but apparently my driver's license expired.

Turns out my license expired back in April, and the only one who cares is Walmart. And they only care because I didn't have a receipt for the unopened package of newborn diapers which John grew out of.

So they're holding my $6 hostage until I get my license renewed.

Which is I why I got on the DMV's website this morning to learn that "there is no grace period" (say this in Jafar's evil voice from Alladin like when he's throwing him back into the cave of wonders and says "I'll give you your reward.... your eternal reward.....") and I have to retake both the written and road tests in order to get my license.

Are you wondering how long it's been since I took a written test of any kind? 6 years. That's right. Six. Years.

Did you wonder when this stressed out maxed out mother of two was going to drive (on her expired license) out to the DMV and wait in line to take a test to prove that she's a mediocre driver so she can return her diapers to Walmart?

Me too.



  1. That's really strange. I turned 27 yesterday and that's when mine was supposed to expire. Kind of weird that it didn't expire when I turned 26... if you need some babysitting while you need to take some tests, let me know. It would be great to get together.

  2. Ok, I have been through this EXACT same thing, and let me tell you what happened to me! My license was expired for a whole year without my even realizing it. I went to the DMV with my two little babies in the double stroller. I told the guy that I was there to renew my license and he told me that I was supposed to take both tests again....Then he looked at my kids....Then he looked at my driving record (no accidents, never been pulled over) And he said, "Well ok, I'll waive the tests this time. You've got your hands full and you are a good driver- the kind we like to keep on the road." BEST DMV experience EVER! I hope that the DMV gods will smile upon you and that something similar will happen to you! By the way, I went to the Farmington DMV by Lagoon.

  3. The written test is super easy. I've taken it twice in UT.

  4. Amy, that stinks! I let mine expire when I turned 26 too. Oops. I didn't have to retake any tests though. I just had to go into the DMV and read the eye chart. I hope they take mercy on you like they did for Marianne.

  5. I am so sorry! Maybe they will just take your picture when you show up with children.

  6. So when we were at the airport last month they wouldn't let me through security because mine had expired! Luckily I had my passport with me. I'm going to renew mine today. Luckily mine has only been expired for a month - I read on their website that after 6 months thats when you have to re-do the tests. Wish me luck!

  7. Mine was expired for about 6 months before someone at the bank caught it and told me, and I didn't have to take any tests. I just filled out some paperwork and had a new picture taken and I was good to go.


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