Wednesday, December 21, 2011

return to running

Yesterday I ran for the first time since I called in sick 3 days in a row to Jess and had to tell her I was probably gonna be sick for at least 9 more months....

I know - I'm pretty impressive, but try to hold your applause while I brag.

I ran that treadmill straight into the ground. For exactly .75 miles at which point I pushed the "down speed" button as fast as humanly possible and sucked air while I walked it off. While walking the last .25 mile I pretended I was the on The Biggest Loser and Jillian was yelling at me about how I was gonna die tomorrow unless I ran again.

It turns out that I would suck at being on The Biggest Loser because I didn't run more than that. I just finished my mile and got the bike instead because I remembered that running is hard and I'm lazy and biking is fun.

Tonight I went back for more. I chanted the entire time "anyone can run a mile, anyone can run a mile". And I ran a mile. Then did weights because running on a treadmill is lame and I still hate it. I listened to music AND watched a show and I still wasn't distracted enough to forget how much I hate it.

Lest you think I'm a sissy, I'll be running outside when the air quality has finally allowed me to see the sun again. Because if I can't even see the sun at noon I refuse to breath outside. It's not the cold driving me indoors - it's the air.

Anyway, I know a mile is pathetic - particularly to those of you who hit your 1,000 goal before December even started, but for me I'm satisfied. Besides, I can bench press 30 pounds - ugh! (Somewhere out there Nick Jacobs is mocking me and setting the machine to 230 pounds just to show off and/or psych me out..... miss you Nick.)


  1. Yeah!!! You are back! Can we please run together again someday? And you have already ran a mile?! I am very, very impressed!

  2. Girl, you are awesome! And I just have to tell you how much I love your posts. I seriously read about half of them to Brian because they are so funny to, just they way you word stuff, you have a knack! I love it! And I'd read more to Brian but he isn't always around, ya know? Great job on getting back to running. And true, the sun needs to find its way back!


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