Friday, December 9, 2011


Since John was born there have been a lot of things gone missing in my life.

A lot.

It started when I left a house key for my mom and somewhere during her trip from the front door and the bathroom it vanished. My house ate it.

I suspect it's making out with my gym/pool key somewhere because the two of them have been missing for a suspiciously long time. Maybe they'll make awesome combo-key-babies.

Maybe they're next to my good sunglasses - which is a shame now that it's "sun bouncing off the snow and blinding you" season.

Or perhaps they're keeping company with all of the single socks and nursing pads which have apparently made their way out of my life.

But most likely they're all in this together. Hoarding all of the Christmas Spirit, Family Bonding and Positive Attitude. Because heaven only knows there's none of that to be found around here lately.


  1. I soon feel your pain! Hang in there momma!

  2. I promise one day he'll sleep through the night and you'll be a new woman.


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