Friday, December 30, 2011

Go Utes!

Josh and I might be the most apathetic people on the planet when it comes to sports. But when it comes time to choose between the U and BYU, we always pick Utes - mostly to make my mom mad. (And it works every time.)

But Great Grandma B (Josh's mom's mom) really wanted pictures of the boys in U clothes. So we did a tiny photoshoot.

Tommy was so cute with John. He used his highest pitched voice "Hi John!" he squeaked "John awake. John? John. Ball John. John. Tommy. A match?" He hardly stopped talking to John the whole time.

John shows off his dimples
Tommy steals the ball

And my favorite picture of all - eat your heart out mom, John LOVES the U. ;)


  1. What amazes me is that John has a belt on. A belt. That makes you mother of the year! Trust me, it does!

  2. Oh my, those dimples kill me! So cute! And I'm a total sucker for siblings pictures, those boys of yours are so adorable.


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