Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Garbage Truck (and friends)

On Friday when we walked past Ollie's house Tommy begged to play with Ollie (rhymes with Molly). 

On Saturday when he woke up and I said "guess who's here!" he said guessed Ollie.

On Sunday I asked Ollie's mom if he could please come over for a play date because clearly Tommy wasn't going to forget about it. 

Luckily Ollie's social calendar was clear for the morning and Tommy got his Christmas wish. 

These boys were adorable together, they chased each other around the house giggling and knocking each other over. 

They properly appreciated the Christmas decorations. ("Carrot nose!")

 They build a "train" out of half the toys in Tommy's toybox. "Chugga chugga!" They explained when I asked what they were doing.

And then the best part of the morning came. 

Tommy heard the garbage truck, grabbed Ollie's hand and went running for the window. 

It's the little things folks.


  1. I love it... seriously love it. I am never leaving this neighborhood.

  2. Our children LOVED the garbage truck when they were little. I have heart-pictures of them all standing at the window to watch. Why is that?


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