Friday, September 30, 2011


I recently heard a lecture about setting goals and how it's important and good for you.

So, for your reading pleasure here are my goals for the weekend:

Eat things which are both delicious and bite-sized. M&Ms, popcorn, cupcakes.....shut up, they're bite-sized....ish.
Spend at least 6 daylight hours in jammies.
Find jammies that cover da belly so I can wear them and still be decent.
Be enlightened.
Read stories with Tommy.
See Josh.
See Josh run.
See Josh run toward food.
Oh wait - that was a book.
Hear at least one full talk live. Straight through. The whole thing. OK this is more a goal for Josh which makes it a wish for me and for him it should say "give my wife at least 1 break for 5 solid minutes". 
Enjoy a house filled with ladies in my neighborhood, their adorable children and chocolate. I love conference.

What are your goals?

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  1. Oh I wish I could come tonight! We've got a school project to work on, say hello to everybody for me...Right now!
    (The party is probably right now. :) )


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