Thursday, May 19, 2011

A family of 4

A month or two ago Josh and I were having the "what if NBE is a girl" conversation.

We talked about the small fortune I would definitely spend on clothes and bows and teeny tiny baby shoes.
We talked about the new bedding and room decor she would need.
We talked about what she'd be named (Kathryn Elizabeth, for my sisters, isn't that a beautiful name? We never even asked their permission, but that's what we would've done.)

And then Josh started talking about whether or not our family would be complete.

Before we got married Josh wanted 6 or 8 kids and I wanted 4 or 5. But suddenly the thought of having one of each flavor made Josh think that 2 was plenty.

My heart broke a tiny bit because a family of 4 just sounds so tiny and empty (right now). We sat at a table at Wendy's discussing it and I brought up all of my best points.
"But 2 kids don't even require a minivan!"
"But 2 kids means we would never finish a 9x13 pan of anything in one night!"
"But 2 kids barely gets us the family discount at places!"

Josh brought up all of his best points too:
"But 2 kids means everyone gets to ride at Disneyland. We'd all fit in one teacup!"
"But 2 kids means only 2 tuitions, wedding funds, and sets of hospital bills."
"But 2 kids means we could eat leftovers every other night for eternity!"

And that is just one more reason I'm so so glad that NBE is a boy. Because Josh and I agree that our family is definitely not complete.

It's not fair to say he really thinks we'd be done if NBE was a girl, I think it was just an overwhelming moment of "it's not possible to handle 2 children let alone any more!"


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