Friday, May 27, 2011

The good thing about Daddy coming on a diaper date....

Buying diapers is one thing that I really could do without. It's the going to the store specifically for the purpose  of handing over a small fortune so my child can poop his pants that gets to me. So, Tommy and I started having diaper dates to make it slightly more bearable. We go to target and split a pretzel and slurpee on our way out.

Sometimes Daddy crashes our diaper buying dates.  It means we have to share our pretzel and slurpee which is unfortunate, but the good news is that he takes a picture of me and my baby. And it's a picture that I love.

See? Lookit how cute we are. And see how Tommy simply can't stop looking at the best part of our date? The slurpee. *sigh*

The other good part is that Daddy gets to wrestle the slurpee/nacho cheese covered child while I sit on the other side of the table making stupid faces for the camera.

See how much fun we are? I bet you wish you could buy diapers with us.


  1. This is so sweet! Boys always stick together. Dont let them out number you! Keep your dates!

  2. Might I recommend Amazon Mom? It's a free membership, they give you 15% of diapers, and they show up on your doorstep two days after you order them.

    That way, you can keep the dates, and ditch the diaper part. :)

  3. you make diaper shopping look so glamorous. invite me next time. ;) hehe


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