Tuesday, May 10, 2011


No. Not NBE. Calm down.
There's only one there. Dr. Man assured us. More than once.
"Just one in there." He said, as if that meant I was a sissy for only growing one baby at a time. It's a good thing I love Dr. Man so much or I might kick him in the face sometimes. He'd deserve it too, for putting my feet so close to his face.

ANYway....not the point.

One time I kidnapped Stella and we (Tommy, Stella and I) went to the library together.

While getting the kids out of the car, some lady gawked because clearly I don't have system for getting two kids out of the car at the same time - and by the time they're this old, you'd think I would.

While walking into the library with a stack of books and a Tommy in one arm, and a Stella faithfully holding my hand and walking like the well-behaved child she is next to me, some guy looked at me, looked at Tommy, stared at Stella for a while, then held the door open and said "Twins?"

I wished I had a sign with me so I could say "Yep, different fathers, (one brown, one white) but they're twins. Here's your sign." Because clearly Stella and Tommy are not twins. Or even related.


Do they look even a little alike to you?

While I understand the curiosity about the relationship between two kids who are clearly so in love with each other, and look the same age (ish) but so clearly don't belong to each other - I don't understand why the only reasonable question is "Twins?" I'm curious - would you ever ask a stranger if these two were twins?


  1. My older brother and I used to get asked if we were identical twins. Outside of the age difference (which I understand people not seeing) have you ever heard of identical twins of different genders? Yeah...me either.

  2. HA HA HA! Last week when I took Jordyn to dance I had her (3 years 9 months) Tessa (28 months) Heber (23 months) and Houston (4 and a half months). So I heard this lady tell her kids to look at Heber and Tessa because they are such cute twins. Other people were counting all of my "children" and somebody said, "Looks like you have you're hands full." ((It didn't help that Heber called Jason "daddy" in front of them all.)) Anyway, just funny. Or not.

  3. Too funny. I would never ask and I had the same thoughts you did until I remembered my best friend's new husband: he is about as white looking as they come (just not blonde like Tommy) but his twin brother and the rest of his family are a great combination of their Guatemalan parents. (Dark skin, darker hair, dark eyes.) Kyle told me that he always felt bad growing up because everyone thought he was adopted and babysitters would always tell his parents that a neighbor kid showed up to play and hadn't gone home. Haha so I guess you never really know! :p

  4. When my mom was the YW president, she took all 6 of the Laurels out for ice cream, and someone asked if we were all hers. She grinned and said, "Yes, they are!"

  5. People always think I am babysitting, because I couldn't possibly be the mother of so many. Maybe I just look too young:). And no, I actually would think you were babysitting.

  6. Ha ha ha!! Now, when people ask if Josh and Daniel are twins (even with the height difference) that is one thing, at least they are brothers and look alike! LOL!

  7. stella could pass for a 3 year old with all that cute hair.
    no to the twins question. :) but that's funny.

    and sorry for all the randomly late posts on your blog. i have been out of town and am playing catch up.


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