Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mom

The cool kids are putting pictures of their moms as their profile picture on facebook this week. I tried to, but I couldn't because there are SO many pictures I love of my mom that I simply couldn't pick just one.

So instead I'm dedicating an entire blog post to images of my mother. That means I'm an entire blog post cooler than the facebook cool-kids right?

Dad & Mom - in Midway

Mom & Garret - Christmas

Mom & Taege

Mom & Tommy - At the Library

Mom watching something incredible happening in her backyard. 

Mom & Me - She ran my first ever race with me.

Josh & Me - Mom & Dad - I just like how big she's smiling. She's happy for me.

Mom & Dad - Oregon Beach

Mom - Alexander Lake

Mom & Dad - Midway - snow tunnel

Mom & Dad - Mom is 60 and thereby obligated to wear a funny hat.
Are ya jealous? You know...because my mom's so cool? It's OK. I would be too.


  1. You're mom is so cool, you must take after her, cuz you are an entire blog post cooler than the cool kids!

  2. Your Mother is very pretty and what a special post you made in her honor. Happy mothers day to you both.

  3. I sure love that lady. Thanks for this special post.
    Lots of love to her and to you,
    "Aunt" Sharon
    p.s. Congrats on NBE! :)

  4. Yup, your Mom looks really cool!
    Happy Mother's Day.


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