Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Remember When it Was Mother's Day

This year for Mother's Day we did the Tour of the Moms. It was a lot of traveling. It was a lot of family. It was a completely insane and perfect day. All of it.

First thing in the morning in Lindon we look happy. Even before breakfast!

The boys made us breakfast, then sat around eating it while mom and I lounged on the couch.

Maybe the sweetest thing Tommy did all day was bring me this lilac.

And then started eating it.

But then we distracted him with the local wildlife. One thing I love about being in Lindon is that you never know who will join you in the yard.

Next we headed to West Jordan to see Josh's mom and company. After church we came home and sat on the porch watching it rain for like half an hour. The rain smelled heavenly, the air was fresh, the people made me smile. It was perfect. This is also where the cousins played "dump out the Easter eggs" a thousand times in a row giggling and laughing the whole time.

Next we went to Meleta's where Bert (Josh's little brother) Skyped us from the mission field. Tommy and I stayed out on the rainy deck so they could talk to each other without the screaming.

Then one more stop at Lori's on the way home for some food and the extended family. Josh and Tommy continued to be my deliciously perfect boys.

It really was the perfect Mother's Day, and I'm so glad that these boys make me a mother.

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