Friday, May 13, 2011


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You're welcome.

I'm sitting here making my Easter M&M's into flowers before eating them while I look at the pictures of my day deciding which ones are awesome enough for the blog. I'll bet you didn't know I take more pictures than I post. True story. Only the best of the best make it to the blog.

Aundrea would be proud of my flower - except that all the m's are facing different directions (because *shrugs* I'm cool.) and that I only got one sheep face in my whole thing of M&M's tragic isn't it?

After an exceptionally fun morning at the zoo, Josh called to see if I wanted to go to the Get Outdoors Expo for free right now. Remember how he loves the free stuff? Expos were built around that man.  So we did.

That's where Tommy became a walking billboard

The sticker on his butt says "Leaving Your Mark is Overrated" it's from the Leave No Trace people.

We think we're funny. Also we won a free toilet seat to put on the top of a 5-gallon-bucket and talked to the people who sell cardboard boxes and biodegradable bags to "do your business" in. Now that the irreverent part that makes my mom cringe is over, we can move on to the other cool stuff.

Like when Josh climbed a rock wall.

And when Tommy pet the therapy dog (who is not as creepy as he looks).

And when the bike dude showed off his jump-up-on-a-tower skills.

Show this picture to a dude, see if he cringes. It's fun.
But the best part is how we came home with an enormous bag of hud some of which is actually valuable. Like the totally awesome VestPac which we won on account of our adorable billboard-child. Not to mention more stickers and flyers than even Tommy can get sick of. Also, I hold the current "sleeping bag stuffing" record at NatureForKids. 7.1 seconds baby! I can stuff a whole sleeping bag and pull the drawstring in 7.1 seconds. I might win something for it, if not I might be sad since I am now the official sleeping bag stuffer of our family. We won't talk about how long it took Josh.

It was a wildly successful outing.

Say what you will about Friday the 13th, but we've had an incredible day.

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