Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Before Tommy came into my life, my idea of luxury came from a cruise ship.

But one thing I learned about luxury on a cruise ship is that it's mostly about having someone else do things for you.

On a cruise ship they make your bed, then later turn it down. They clean your room and fold your towels. They prepare and clean up your food. They bring you drinks if you look a little parched, they tell you where you can go when you dock. They help you make choices and they make sure that all of your needs are met.

At home Tommy pre-chews my pretzels, unrolls my toilet paper, brushes my hair, and takes the pillows off my bed. He unfolds my towels and opens my doors (especially the bathroom door) and holds my hand. He reminds me when to eat (all day) and always wants to share his drinks with me.

So even though I don't live on a cruise ship, and nobody in this house can make towel animals, I still think I'm living the life of luxury.


  1. Too funny. I thought I was at my house.

  2. That sounds like luxury to me :)
    Plus, you could even make towel animals at home and then you wouldn't be missing anything.


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