Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Married to the Handiest of Men

Josh learned a lot of things from his step-father Frank. A LOT of things.

Good things mostly, like playing the piano, and "walking it off" when you injure yourself. And only a few less-than-great things, like a deep hatred for "dirty-rotten cops" and an even deeper hatred for paying taxes.

But the things I'm most glad that he learned (for today) are the handy-man things.

I used to think I was pretty good at fixing stuff that was broken, and I could assemble things that came in packages with instructions. But after the Great Crib Fiasco of 2009, I've learned to just go in other room and admire his handy-work post project instead of "helping".

Sometimes I look at our house and say, "It would be so great if ______" and then BAM! 6 months later, I have _____. Because Josh knows how to build stuff.

Other times I wake up in the middle of the night and say "did you just pee?" and Josh (in a slept-up-stupor) says "no" and I say "then why is the toilet making that noise*?" and then he stumbls out of bed and turns off the water to the toilet. And BAM! 2 days later he comes home for lunch armed with a Lowe's bag and heads off to make the toilet STOP MAKING THAT NOISE!!! A mere 30 minutes and only 2 cuss-words later, I have the reverentest toilet on the market.

So I'm glad he learned how to fix stuff that's broken. And I'm glad that whether it's plumbing, or building stuff, or painting, or tiling, or carpet cleaning he can (and will) do it. Not everybody has a built-in handy man you know.

*"That noise" is just the toilet water running. All the time. 24 hours a day. Without ever stopping. Ever. And it's making me crazy!


  1. LUCKY!!! But, if my kids need help with their math homework, then JOhn is on the job ;)

  2. Amen! I feel SOOO blessed to have hubby like that too!

  3. ummm can i borrow josh? our downstairs toilet has been running since we moved in. we have to lift the handle after every flush. even cole knows what to do.

    also, how is josh at changing bike tires? ;)

    feel lucky that josh is super handy... i am the "handyman" in this household and unfortunately i'm just not handy enough.


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