Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tommy Update: A reference post

Tommy's vocabulary has expanded the past few weeks.

He used to only say "duck" which really sounded like "duh" which was the same as "dad" which was also the same as "day" (as in, "there's a day out there!") which was also the same as "dog" and every other word that starts with the letter D. Or B.

Now he says all of those things PLUS

Oh no! (while slapping himself in the head) and Uh-oh!


Stuh-lella (cutest thing I've ever heard)



and any other thing that I say first. He's become quite the little parrot. He also asks to "get out" when the car stops.

He loves to go up and down the stairs - down the "safe way" (thanks Em) with his toes first, and he thinks he owns the fridge. Today I was putting the groceries away and turned around to find him balanced on the bottom step of the fridge, clinging to the vegetable drawer eating grapes out of the bag.

Even though Josh is trying hard to corrupt my baby and teach him to kiss-on-the-lips, Tommy still knows that mommy's only kiss foreheads. When I pooooker up my lips, he walks over to me, closes his eyes and smashes his forehead into my waiting lips.

Anytime somebody looks at him, he thinks they are going to chase and tackle him forcing him to giggle until he can't breath. It's reasonable for him to think that - you know....because that's what happens when his dad is home - but he's frequently disappointed when kids his age look at him, he runs the other way, and they don't catch him. Poor kid.

Tommy knows how to start the DVD player. I know I my defense he also knows how to turn off the tv.

Tommy's mother is a dipper. As in I like foods which are dipped in things. So when Tommy eats, he picks up whatever it is he's eating, touches the plate twice in another area and THEN puts it in his mouth. If you didn't know he was "dipping" you'd think he had some weird OCD thing....maybe someday it will be. My poor child has no idea how messed up he's going to be....

This kid is a momma's boy. He really loves to be held, and sit on my lap, and most of the time he'd be happy if I'd just hold him all day long and read him a story (which I won't).

What an exceptionally adorable man-child.


  1. Thats so sweet. He is really growing!

  2. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!!!!!!! Need I say more?!

  3. what a sweet kid. i love it.

    ok, tell me the truth... do mommy's really only kiss "not on the lips"??? i have always kissed my babies on the lips!!!! is that bad? maybe i'm so weird?!

  4. Ash NORMAL mommies kiss anywhere and everywhere. This mommy gets grossed out by lip kisses between anyone who is not married. (OK...maybe not like teenagers....) I know lots of people who are lip-kissers, but I like to make a big deal out of NOT being one of them. :D

  5. I am totally with you on the "no-lip-kisses!" Everyone else seems to think I'm crazy, but I'm glad I have a friend that agrees!

    And seriously, cutest kid ever. I'm dying to hear him say Stella!


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