Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Living Planet Aquarium

We were gonna go to the zoo yesterday, but then we remembered we live in Utah, and although the calendar firmly plants us in the last half of May and well into spring, the weather plants us in the 40's and well into a rain/snow storm.

So instead we went to Living Planet Aquarium.

Millie, Cayson & Lori

She's a very popular grandma.
The penguins might have been the coolest part - they were CRAZY swimming and jumping and diving all over the place. We had so much fun watching them. I love this picture of the 4 of them lined up and watching.

Tommy, Millie, Megan, Lori
Plus now we know that Josh is smaller than an ape and bigger than a penguin. I suspect these will be our new 20 questions questions. :D

Grandpa is hard to catch a picture of in places like this because he's too busy reading the signs, watching the fish, and playing tag with the stingrays to pose. But I did get one!
Frank & Tommy
 At the beginning of the summer Tommy would never dare touch the glass, but after a few zoo trips, he wasn't so scared of behind the glass. And that's good.
 Also, Tommy's head would fit in a shark. See?
 Tommy and Cayson were glad to get to the part where they didn't have to be boosted up to see. They are starting to interact more and more and I love to watch them be friends.

Cayson & Tommy 

 Grandpa makes an excellent step-stool.

Tommy, Cayson & Frank
 Megan was there too - but her jacket glared her face out of a lot of the pictures. (Sorry Megs!) We had so much fun.
Millie, Tommy & Megan sittin' on a frog.
And I was there too - but I was busy taking pictures.

The oar is nailed to the floor....good thing I didn't actually need it....
Wanna see some fishies?

Josh looking at jellyfishes

The biggest dang lobster I've ever seen. SICK!

I have no idea what this fish was, but it's cool right?

Sea Horses are cool.

As are enormous turtles.

Rock-star penguins. They were JUST so cool!!!

This exhibit was jam-packed full of beautiful bright colorful fish. It was beautiful. 

And apparently I was the only one making a fish face...meh, I love my boys enough to post the picture just because they look cute. :D

All that lookin' around flat wore him out. He was make fishie faces and squealing and then mid-sentence he totally fell asleep. Poor kid, he was exhausted.


  1. It has clearly been WAY too long since I went to the aquarium. This looks dang fun!

  2. Congratulations on the baby boy! So exciting! I am curious about your girl name choice. Love tommys fish face!! And that crazy fish is a lion fish, and its Poisonous!


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