Saturday, May 7, 2011

New Hobbies

Today is the 7th of May and so far it feels like we've done more fun things this month than in the previous 4 months combined. Let's hear it for SUNSHINE!!!!!!

Since we've been out and playing so much, Tommy's discovered some totally awesome new hobbies.


Teaching Grandma about flowers. "So soft!"

Sweeping the water with wheat. 

Shaking the dock with the crazy-run.

Sidewalk chalk: Eating. Coloring. Throwing. Whatever.

Sandal-wearing. Are those not the most adorable toes you've ever seen?

Kicking a volleyball.

Staring at giraffes through the fence.

Chanting with the kids on a field trip "spray us! spray us! spray us!" and then getting sprayed.

And best of all walking with mom AND dad. (Mom's the blob-shaped one on the right.)

THIS is springtime.


  1. Amy,
    Hes a sweet heart. Thank you for sharing this mothers day weekend! I hope you have a blessed on.

  2. ... in Utah! Can you send some sun up here too! Ha ha! He is ADORABLE! I am so glad you are out having fun!


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