Monday, May 23, 2011

Wake up wake up

The morning conversation at my house goes like this:

Tommy wakes up, Josh goes to get him.

Tommy babbles "dadadadadadadadaddaaaaaad" while Josh walks across the house.

Tommy hears the door open and immediately makes the happy squealing noises and bouncing on his bed. "Dad dad dad dad!" he says.

Dad says "goooood mornin!" then picks him up and asks "are ya ready for a fresh new bum?" Bubbah smiles. So loud I can hear it through the whole house.

Then daddy starts in on the "holy smokes! you gotta poooooo steenty bum!!!" routine and Bubbah responds with "oh poo! oh poo!" Complete with giggles that your wildest dreams can't replicate.

It may not be much, but I love this morning time routine.


  1. I just keep givin' them 5 stars. This routine is just cute.

  2. I have another little award for you over at my blog.


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