Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Wendy!

My sister-in-law Wendy does not take parties lightly.

Remember when we had a valentine's day tea party?

So for her birthday she threw a fancy party. Fancy meaning "wear your prom dress and bling" and meaning that she baked beautifully delicious goodies and decorated all day long in preparation.

This jewelry was laid out for people who felt "inadequately blung".

This food was laid out for people who felt inadequately sweet.

And this chandelier was hung for people who didn't notice that it was a fancy party.

Everything was simply beautiful. And purple. And delicious. So so delicious. Which makes it good. 

Also we got to get all fancied up and I only took one series of "self timer" shots because we were busy having so much fun!
T: Katy, Sarah, Wendy B: Ryann, Amy

Now I wish I took pictures of each person in their dresses because it was something to behold. But I'm more glad that we had fun and ate deliciousness.

Happy Birthday Wendy!!!


  1. What I love is that she throws her own birthday party!

  2. OK technically it wasn't a birthday party - the invitation didn't even mention that it was the same week as her birthday. But throwing the party was what she asked for for her birthday. So...I call it a b-day party. :D


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