Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Think NBE Likes Me

I hesitate to say this out loud and writing it down is even worse - you know....because someone might read it and that will immediately negate whatever I've said. But, I think NBE might like me better than Tommy did. There are a few reasons I suspect this, but the biggest is this:

I am setting puke-free records left and right.

I'm currently on my 6th barfless day in a row. This beats the Tommy record by more than double.
I can count on one hand the number of public restrooms I've lost it in.
Also NBE doesn't hate ice cream. So...bonus!

Since NBE and I are nearly 14 weeks along, I suspect we might be experiencing the full beauty of the 2nd Trimester which Tommy simply wasn't into. The 2nd Trimester didn't come with him until after he was born - and by then I think they call that particular kind of bliss something else.

Tommy however is not a fan of NBE. Sometimes I lay on the couch and Tommy climbs up and butt-drops "right in the baby!" and then he laughs and laughs and laughs.

There are plenty of theories on why I'm feeling better this time around. They range from me being home all the live long day, to NBE being female.

And with the exception of Jess's husband, Spencer (who only guessed boy after he knew he'd be the only one), everyone who has verbally ventured a guess is positive this new baby is a girl. Ashley said it first, right after our first ultrasound when she looked at the picture and said "Hey! She looks just like Stella did at this age, she must be a girl."

So I'm curious - do you think NBE is a boy or girl? Comment and/or vote.


  1. I'll go with the majority and vote girl. :)

  2. All I can say is I was much sicker with my boys than I was with my daughter.

  3. I'm voting's easier to find things to make for girls, so I hope it's a girl so I can make her lots of cute things :)

  4. I think I'm going to say Boy. We already know this baby is tricky, so it's probably just trying to mislead us all :)

  5. HURRAY FOR FEELING BETTER!!!! My morning sickness and pregnancy were exactly the same with the boys and the girl, so who knows...
    Hmmm.... what do I guess? I guess boy, because us Fugals just have the same gender for the first two.
    I'm glad you are feeling better!

  6. I would say a girl too, especially if you feel different this time around. It wasn't such a big difference for me, but there definitely were differences between the two pregnancies for me.

    Enjoy the second trimester.

  7. My first pregnancy was the worst. I was sick the whole time. I really think you learn to listen to your body the second plus times around and are just not quite as sick.

    I am going to guess boy, just to be contrary :).

  8. I'm voting boy! I was certain my third was a boy because my pregnancy was SO different! I was stunned when they told me it was another girl! Either's good not to be sick :)

  9. Hmmm. Twins! Ok, I know that is so not funny. Let's go with girl, just because I think Tommy will have fun being a big brother to a little sister.

  10. I voted boy...Here's why. With Jordyn I was SICK. I hated all things sweet. I ate Taco Amigo cheese burgers two meals a day for two weeks. I had a yeast infection every month when I should of had my period. I drank a lot of orange juice. With Tessa, I was the complete opposite and I thought for sure she would come out a boy - but she didn't.


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