Monday, September 28, 2009

Yom Kippur anyone?

Betcha didn't know (or care) that today is Yom Kippur. Unless you're my little brother, then you did know and care.

Josh works for a big national company. It's called Redbox. Maybe you've heard of it?

Redbox is not run by a Mormon. That means they don't celebrate Pioneer day.

I work for a big national company in Utah. It's called "The Mormons" (no, not legally, but in our house it is). Maybe you've heard of it?

"The Mormons" is run by a Mormon. That means we don't celebrate Yom Kippur.

That means Josh is celebrating Yom Kippur all alone at home today. Tragic isn't it?

If only we'd realized this was a Holiday (as in, paid time off!) maybe the two of us could've celebrated properly together by fasting, stinkily, in bare feet with no money and no sex. (really, read the link. that's how the celebrate - man they know how to throw a PART-AYYYY!)

Unfortunately it was late last night when Josh informed me he had the day off. So, I'm celebrating with my shoes off (nylons on DANG it!) by eating more food than you ever thought one woman could eat, and watching my feet swell a little more with each bite of blueberry frozen yogurt.

Meanwhile, Josh is celebrating by painting my baseboards and trim.

What about you? How did you celebrate Yom Kippur?


  1. We went to the zoo.

    They don't really celebrate Yom Kippur here, although it is on my calendar. Really we just had nothing to do because campus is closed "due to" swine flu. :P

  2. We went to the zoo and cleaned the bathrooms in the church. That's got to count for some suffering right? I'm a glutton for suffering on a holiday!

  3. I went to the Dr. for one of those biannual "slight pressure" appointments and have blood work done. Blah! I think Yom Kippur might be my most unfavorite holiday ever (now that I know it was today)..

  4. A holiday without sex??? That's unthinkable!


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