Monday, September 21, 2009

Summer's End

It's kinda been the greatest summer of all time.

As a general rule I don't love summer. It's hot, and sticky. The days are too long. The nights are too short (and hot). The weekends are too busy. The family reunions are too abundant. The holidays too close together and not long enough (I'm more of a take a whole week off every 3 months kind of girl...not so much for taking 1 day here and 1 day there.).

However, there are a few things I love about summer and this year the weather wasn't so bad and we're having a baby and the whole summer was nice and relaxing and fun.

Now that tomorrow is officially fall, I thought I'd remember why I liked summer this year.


Barbecues (games, swinging, jumping & BOLT are necessary parts to a perfect barbecue.)





That is why this summer has been better than any other. Ever.

And I'm thrilled it's over and we get to have fall now.


  1. I wish I could have a fun filled summer like you! :)

  2. That purple shirt picture is perhaps my favorite pregnancy photo ever.


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