Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Don't you wish....?

Don't you wish you had dinner at my house on Sunday?

That's A LOT of fresh (from someone else's garden) veggies (squash, asparagus, tomatoes, zucchini, and onion) mixed in with a bunch of spices and some noodles and it was goooood.

And Josh cooked most of it for me.

Sometimes it's OK to covet.

Just sayin'.


  1. I do, I do wish! The coveting has officially commenced. That seriously looks so good.

  2. YUM!!!!!!! Instead I was cooking on our min backpacking stove in the rain, teriyaki noodles that turned out to be not so goo. I do wish.... yuM!

  3. We are open for invitation's all the time:) Looks yummy, however, my kids might not agree.

  4. seriously coveting. Can you have it again tonight and have me over ;) If the rumors will make a certain boy with amazing blue eyes that melt my heart make a move then go ahead!!!


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