Friday, September 4, 2009

After all these years....

My mom is pretty dang funny. And she knows it. (I think. Mom, do you know it?)

She always used to say she knew she had been married to my dad for a looooo-oooong time because they were "already on our 2nd bottle of Tabasco sauce".

That's why I thought of her last night as I emptied a spice container for the first time in my entire grown-up life.

I think this means I'm old. Which is funny because sometimes Josh & I like to pretend we're old ("Isn't it amazing that we're still so in love? Even after all these years?" He's been saying that to me since our honeymoon. A whopping 3 years ago. "Amazing what they can do with technology now'a-days, isn't it?" We're barely old enough to have watched the iPod revolution....and my personal favorite "Kids these days..." Josh will say while shaking his head. Meanwhile, some real live old person is looking at him going...."kids these days...."), but if we're really old none of that's funny anymore. And if I have to start buying more spices because I RAN OUT (instead of because I've never owned it, what kind of cool, young, hip college student actually stocks cumin anyway?!) well now, that's just a slap in the face isn't it?


  1. Well I haven't had to replace any spices yet, but I typically only cook for yourself, so don't feel too bad. At least you aren't old AND single ;)

  2. LOL! I say that all the time, "kids these days...don't they have any respect?" And I think those same kids need haircuts. :)


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