Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dr's say the darndest things.

"Next time you come (in two weeks) we'll start checking to see if anything's going on. If you have any contractions after that point we won't do anything to stop them because really it's "go time" and you could have this kid any day now."

Do you think Dr. Man is saying things just to freak me out?

No worries he also told me that if I'm not having a lot of contractions by now (I'm not) there's very little chance of pre-term labor. Chances are I'll at least go to my due date.

He gave me another prescription that will hopefully stop the midnight puking sessions which is "not about the hormones anymore, it's because there's physically no room for your stomach to hold any food, so you just puke it out instead of digesting." Oh great then! Just keep it coming. 

Biggest milestone of the day? I drove to the Dr's office all by myself (for the first time) and didn't even get lost! "just follow the road until the weird tooth flower bed....weird tooth flower bed, weird tooth flower bed." There is a dentist's office that has a flower bed in the shape of a tooth in their front yard. They've planted red and white flowers in it so it looks like a diagram of a tooth. Dentists are a weird bunch. What if they pull those flowers out before Baby Thomas comes? Will I be able to find the hospital?


  1. I can't believe you're almost done!!!

  2. Yeah for Baby Thomas! I can't wait to munch!

  3. At least wait until the 17th. We are planning an awesome baby shower and would hate for you to miss it.

  4. dentists are so weird!! My best friend is a dental assistant. I"ve heard a lot of weird ones.

  5. Haha, its moments like these that please me that I am simply living vicariously through my preggo friends ;)


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