Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Da Belly: 37 Weeks

This is 37 weeks:

We are now full term, fully swollen and getting stupider by the day.

Josh freaked out a little (OK a lot) when I told him this kid could come anytime now and it would be fine. That's when he decided to tear my house apart....defense mechanism perhaps?

Baby is growing, moving, and squishing my guts out. If it weren't for the fact that my ankles are 3 times their normal size I'd guess that every pound I gain (a lot all of a sudden) is going straight to baby.

Dr. Man refuses to tell me that I'll go at least to my due date, but I really think he's just saying "I could go early" that so I don't kick him in the face.

"How to have a baby" teacher insists that I'll go a week past my due date and that all babies hate to be naked, love to be swaddled and NEED to be breast fed or they will immediately die.

Being pregnant rocks.


  1. best of luck to you...this is where things start getting really exciting and also a little foggy to, soon you'll have a 6 month old and say "what happened?!"

    You'll be a GREAT mom!

  2. there's a reason my whole family refers to the lactation staff as breastfeeding Nazi's and we're pretty pro breastfeeding.

  3. you should click on the blog labeled Dot and Kristine on my blog and compare your belly with my cousin's belly - you two are silly girls!

  4. Ha ha! I love the "how to have a baby" teacher comment! We had a class with a lactation specialist that was pretty similar...she kept telling us with an overly-upbeat tone, "You were made to do this!" Uh, yeah, thanks for letting me know, otherwise I never would have guessed...

    Good luck to you guys! I hope Thomas does come a little early (or at least on time)!

  5. You're hillarious. I know my comments are lame and I always just tell you how funny you are or what a clever writer you are, but I laugh out loud everytime I read your blog. Especially the story about ramming Katie in the head with your belly. Classic!

  6. Okay, so as I was looking at your blog I was noticing this unfortunate comment from some anonymous person from your post about the law of consecration. I don't think I am ready to live the law of consecration because I kind of hoped that this person got struck by lightning after posting that...apparently I have lots to work on :)

  7. You are looking wonderful!! Full Term you're almost done and seems like you're loving it!


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