Monday, September 21, 2009

The cankles are coming!

I used to think I had cute toes. It's not because I'm vain, it's because they were actually cute. See?

I used to sorta like my feet.

Now they look like they've been swallowed by elephant legs. I know it's true because when I asked Josh "do you still love me even though I have elephant legs", he said "yep. Sure do." and kissed me on the cheek. If I didn't have elephant legs he should've said "of course I would if you did but you don't, so I don't really see how that's relevant." and dipped me romantically and kissed me right on the lips.

Are you as impressed as I am that I didn't start bawling on the spot and whimper that he must not love me if he thinks I look like an elephant?

Welcome to the 9th month of pregnancy.


  1. I want to comment on all of your recent posts, but for lack of time just have to say that you are adorable. I love reading your thoughts, and I love your post about the Dr man. I can't wait to hear your post about your labor story!

    ps. agreed. our ward rocks. and your toes are cute.

  2. You do have cute toes. :) Yeah, cankles are no fun. They'll go away pretty quick after Mr. Man comes. :)

  3. Haha! Very cute toes, and they just remind me how badly I need to take a trip to Laguna Beach to my favorite little toe ring store to replace the one I have had on for like three years. I'm more proud of you for not giving Josh a knuckle sandwich than for not bawling. Impressive self control ;)

  4. HURRAY for the 9th month of pregnancy!!!!!!!!

  5. Yes, you do have very cute toes, something that I'm totally jealous of because I have like baby banana toes that curl! (I can't really explain them, you'll just have to see them sometime). But it does really make me want to get a pedicure... anyone?


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