Monday, September 21, 2009

Things I can't reach anymore....

Remember all the great things I used to be able to reach?

Now I can't reach anything. Ever.

My toes.

The radio controls.

The window button in the car.

The top shelf in the kitchen.

The buttons on my phone.

I don't stretch, I don't balance, I don't tip toe. I don't reach, squeeze, bend or crawl. For heaven sakes I can't even reach around my own belly to open the drawer the remotes are in.

I still haven't stopped turning sideways to fit in narrow spaces not an effective technique. Will I ever retrain myself?

Every time I bend down to reach for something I picture my 80-year-old-self (who, by the way, is totally cool) laughing and being tempted to just give me a little nudge to watch my 20-something-year-old-self fall over.

Then I find myself this what old people feel like all the time? Is this why they're grouchy? When they bend and reach for things, do they groan because it hurts so bad? I'd like to ask my 80-year-old-self a lot of questions, but she's too busy laughing at me to be interviewed.

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