Monday, September 14, 2009

I think my baby's trying to kill me.

Aundrea dreamed that my water broke while I was at work and she had to fight with me over whether she should go get my car or if I should. I'm not saying that just because Aundrea dreamed it, it's true - but it is. The way this kid jabs at me with the knife he has in there (Who is smuggling this kid the weapons and toys? I sortof suspect Josh.....but  have no evidence. Can he go to jail for that?) I don't see how my water isn't going to break in the next 24 hours.

Maybe I'm not having a baby this week I don't know. All I know is that something happened this weekend.  Saturday morning I was fine. Today I am not.

Pregnancy is very suddenly harder and much more painful than it's been. I don't feel good, my body hurts, I literally have to hold my belly up with my hands every time I stand up or it will fall off. The whole thing, straight to the ground. Know why? Because the muscles supporting it are going to give out any second now. I can hear them ripping.

The pressure, sore muscles and bruising are enough to make me cry and never stop - except that crying hurts.

Yesterday I fell asleep at Josh's mom's on her couch in the front room. I was too tired to sit (yeah, too tired to sit!) and "had to" go lay down. And I did it before anybody even asked me if I wanted to.

I woke up about 4 times last night (I know it's not that many) and stayed up for at least an hour each time. I couldn't sleep because it hurt. Everything hurt. I couldn't move because it hurt. I couldn't lay down or sit or "roll" or breath or cry or even whine (I know, hard to imagine huh?) because everything hurts.

Those of you who feel like this the whole 9 I'm a sissy and you are brave. And I'm sorry.


  1. Miriam's head is basically wedged between my legs right now. I'm not even going to tell you how far down they had to stick the probe to find her head at my last ultrasound.

    I was like, "She's down there?!"

    Yeah, sometimes I can hardly stand up. :)

    I hope he moves for you; you've had such a miserable time already. The last few weeks should be happy for you.

  2. Oh my gosh! I am soooo adopting! Please feel better.

  3. When is your next appointment? I'm excited to see how far you are.

  4. That doesn't sound normal. When do you see the Doctor man? And also, 4 is a lot of times to wake up at night especially if you're staying up for an hour each time.

  5. Ah. Please say that I won't be like that??! Do I really want to have kids??

  6. Just hold on until at least Thursday is over. You can do it!

  7. It sounds like you may be in labor. Labor is not the same for everyone, so I would definitely call your Dr. and tell them what you've been experiencing. And let them decide if what's happening is something to worry about or not.

    PS- I could be TOTALLY wrong though.

  8. My mom always told me that the 9th month of pregnancy is SO horrible so that you willingly face labor just to get the baby out. I'm SORRY!! Tell Thomas to be gentle!

  9. I'm glad I heard from you last night. Otherwise I might be concerned right about now thinking you were dead. I'm so glad you're still alive. Ü


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