Sunday, September 13, 2009

A mystery solved

We we first moved to Foxboro we opted to go to a "Marriage and Family Relations" Sunday School class instead of "normal" Sunday School. We just weren't up to be grown ups for the whole 3 hours and this was our way of rebelling.

The teachers were Dave & Kirstin. When we walked into the class I whispered to Josh that I was pretty sure I knew Dave but I couldn't figure out why.

He agreed and we sat and spent the rest of the hour wracking our brains to figure out why we both knew him whispering rejected ideas back and forth to each other listened reverently to the lesson. We didn't know that many of the same people because we'd only been married a little while, so the fact that we both knew him narrowed down our options significantly. Not high school. Not college. Not an old ward member. Not a co-worker.

For the next year and 9 months every time I see Dave my brain tweaks still trying to figure out why I know him.

Today it all comes to an end. And here's why. Today Dave & Kirstin spoke in Sacrament meeting (they were fantastic by the way).

Turns out I didn't know Dave before we were in the same ward.

Not even a little.

I just knew the guy who can only be his identical twin brother. Adam. Who walked into our sacrament meeting and sat on the front row. Maybe to support his brother who was speaking, but more likely so my mind could rest and I'd know why Dave looked so dang familiar.

At the EFY where Josh & I met Adam was.....memorable.

This kid was cool - he lived in Alaska. What's cooler than Alaska?

Plus he'd be walking around Ricks Campus (back before it was BYU-Idaho) and suddenly stop mid-step, turn to look behind him, bending both knees, smile his biggest cheesiest smile, and wave at.....nobody. The first time he did it someone asked what the crap he was doing. He smiled and said "Every once in a while I like to turn around and wave at the Camera of Life. I think it'll make for a better movie when I'm watching at judgement."

Everybody knew and loved Adam.

On picture day, Adam insisted that each picture he was in would include a great big hug.

I think all the pictures he took that day look like this:

And somehow he caught every single person off guard. Even those of us who watched 10 people go before us and knew exactly what to expect.

That my friends is how I don't know Dave, but I do know Adam.

**By way of update "Adam's" name is actually Seth. And he is Dave's brother, but not twin. And he did wave at the camera of life. And now he's rich and famous and makes awesome movies. Check him out here.**


  1. that's cute...i LOVE when a "mystery" solves itself and you figure out where you do (or don't) know someone from!

  2. amy that's soooo funny! ha. well this other Adam kid seems really cool - probably NOT as cool as my Alaskan boy but still a cool cat. i'm going to have to make dave read this, he'll laugh so hard.

  3. oh and thanks for the compliments on the talk btw - very sweet of you.

  4. Wait a minute Kirsten, are you trying to tell me that the guy in the picture is NOT related to your husband? Seriously? I honestly thought he was. For real. Who is the guy who came to hear you speak? I swear on my life he was at EFY with us.

    Or....maybe it was Dave and he was a counselor, or maybe I've totally lost it and I still don't know why I know your husband. DANG IT!

  5. Mystery solved!

    I don't know my brother Adam, but I do know my little brother Seth. He was there sitting front row yesterday. Why the crap did you wait almost 2 years to figure this out. What if we had been like long lost cousins or something??

    -the guy related to Adam

  6. It IS Seth! You're right!

    Wait, are you right? Is this what Seth looked like back then? Did he wave at the camera of life? Was he that kind of guy? Did I just get his name wrong, or do I have his face wrong too? Is he your twin, or just a normal boring kind of brother? :)

    As for waiting 2 years, I gotta say that if I had walked up to you and said "Why do you look so familiar" you would've said "dunno psycho, are you from Alaska?" and I would've said "no" (because I'm not) and you would've said, "then you don't know me weirdo". (and you would've been right, in your defense.) so really it would've taken 2 years anyway, when Seth walked in.

  7. Also is his middle name Adam? Or did I totally just pull that outta my head? *sigh* it's hard to be stupid.

  8. Nick and I thought that guy was Dave's brother too, but he's Kirstin's little brother?

    You totally lost me, how do you know Dave again?
    Agreed, stupid is hard!

  9. I suppose I'll have to just talk to Dave about it on Sunday because I think he just said this guy is his brother....but I'm not willing to commit. 5 more days and we'll know the truth. :)

  10. Haha. Ok Amy, the first comment from 'Dave + Kirst' was written by Kirsten, the 2nd was written by Dave. Dave's brother Seth, was there on Sunday in the front row. He doesn't have a brother named Adam. Only Sean and Seth. We don't know who Adam is but we think he seems cool ;D Seth is like 23 so I don't think we could confuse Seth with Adam at your EFY experience because he would have been pretty young at the time (wait how old are you? maybe I'm wrong on that). Maybe I'll have Seth check out your blog. It kind of looks like him but I don't think it is him in that picture. To confuse matters even more... Seth's middle name is Adam!! Ha. And the things you talked about him doing (waving to the camera of life) TOTALLY seem like what Seth would do.

    Amy go to his website at and click on his 'about me' tab and see his picture. Tell me if you think it's him.

    I hope that cleared things up a little.... or maybe I just confused you more!

  11. OK we just solved all of our mysteries. Josh and I went to EFY with Dave's little brother Seth Adam Smith (pictured above).

    I'm 24, Josh and I were like 17 at the time, so Seth would've been 16 attending EFY and chillin' with all of us waving at the camera of life. I am going to go look at his blog now and become his newest blog stalker. :)

    Really, I'd bet naming my first child after him that this is the same guy, AND that this is why I thought I knew Dave (they really do look a lot alike...)

    Small world!

  12. Indeed! It is Adam! The only thing is that Adam's name is actually Seth. Just a technical thing, really. :D

  13. I totally agree Kirst- I scrolled to the image before reading the post and I thought, 'that looks like Seth.' How funny! Ummmm, also, still wracking my brain over the, 'what's cooler than Alaska' comment. Though if I actually wanted to quote it correctly it says, 'what's coolest than Alaska' ;)

  14. whew! let's put this issue to bed ;D i'm glad it's all solved and that we actually got to run it by the REAL Adam err I mean Seth! Ha.

  15. And just like that 14 comments and 3 days later the mystery really is solved. :)

    And Hayley would you be my editor? You know? make sure I don't say stupid things, like "coolest than Alaska"? That'd be nice... :)


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