Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The good, the bad, the ugly

The good: Today is the day that we're officially full-term. Now that the house is torn apart, I'm as far from "ready" as I can possibly get, and I have officially decided not to buy a Halloween Costume for Thomas...well, since Murphy (the one with the law) and I are such good friends, I'm glad that it's officially OK to have this baby now.

The bad: Costco Pizza joined the ranks with blueberry poptarts, yogurt, & fresh-mex tater tots, on the list of "nastiest things to vomit". I may never eat it again. Poor Costco - they might go bankrupt.

The ugly: Painting the baseboards requires moving all of the furniture in the world. Where's a girl supposed to sit?


  1. I totally agree with the gross pizza from Costco Amy!!! I had it on Saturday and was totally grossed out. Everyone else seemed to like it though...

  2. I've only had their pizza once and it was several hours out of the oven. I liked it but only because I was starving!!! I'll try to remember not to throw it up.

    Why are you painting baseboards? Is it just the baseboards or did you do the entire wall, too?


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