Sunday, September 27, 2009


I'm gonna brag.

You've been warned.

Lookit what I made! OK Mom Reilley (who has real talent) helped A LOT with this quiet book, but look how adorable this thing is! I love it and I'm proud of me for having finished it and for all of my work on it. And I'm glad to say that it is finished. Totally finished. (That's why I'm smiling.)

This thing is awesome, it's fully of pages like these:

The heads come off and switch around - we think it's funny for the elephant to be on the camel head...HA HA HA HA!

They are like these, because these are the pictures I took of the example book. Not mine. I totally took my iSpy page to church today. If you asked me I'd tell you I was making sure I could find all of the items in the bag, but the truth is closer to, "I wanted to play with my new toy". Thomas has no idea how lucky he is.

I also took down the March danglers this week. Instead of kites and 4 leaf clovers, we're Halloween finally.

I'm pretty proud of me on this one, because I did it 100% by myself. I free handed my ghost's cute face, I love the witch hat, and the cat's green eyes. Bottom line, I like these decorations.

And finally, I've been sewing bedding stuff to match the quilt that my mom is making for me. I make it look SO dang fun, that Josh wanted to play too. His mom would be so proud.


  1. That quiet book is really cute! Did you buy a kit, or get a pattern online or anything? I'd love to make one for Miles... but I need a little direction to get started.

  2. My totally awesome mother-in-law bought me the kit from a lady in her ward. Her website is: If you're interested. :)

  3. Yeah, SO cute!! I totally want one!! You need to show pictures of all your pages, I wanna see!! :) Way to go being crafty!

  4. So, I just got cuaght up on your blog (I had about 20 posts which meant an awesome 45 minutes of laughing) and I have to say:

    I want your Quiet Book. Seriously. And since you told me it's ok to covet...

    I loved your Medical Euphamisms post. I thought it was stinkin' hilarious!

    I love all the belly shots.

    I loved the picture from EFY. You guys look so young (but VERY mature Ü).

    The Adam/Seth/Dave story was fabulous. Dave has always reminded me of my high school choir teacher (who, by the way, I had a monster crush on- the teacher, not Dave Ü)

    Sheepdogging? Really? Maybe next year we can go with you (if we can convince you to go again) and see what all the fuss is about.

    Holy smurfy sunburn. The "here's your sign" thing cracked me up.

    And to end this monstrous comment... We're so excited to meet Baby Thomas and hope he comes soon. Ü

  5. Love the quiet book, and love that Josh is sewing. What talent! I am planning on making a book for my boys for Christmas, thanks for the link!

  6. You did an awesome job and the quiet book AND the cute Halloween decoration. You are so crafty! You wanna do some crafts for my home ;) And I am so proud of you for finishing the quiet book BEFORE the baby comes. That would have been such a smart idea BEFORE I had 2 kids. And, good job on getting Josh to sew. That is awesome. I don't sew either. I am such a terrible You are still SUPER cute! :)

  7. I love your quiet book. Lori showed me the kit before she started working on one. You and I really know how to be creative - get Lori Reilley involved! She helped me make a beautiful dinosaur bedspread for Ben when he was about 9 - complete with triangle edges.


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