Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Da Belly: 35 Weeks

Here we are at 35 weeks:

I'm pretty sure that most people reach this level of discomfort a lot sooner than I did.
I'm also relatively certain I whine more than most people.
I'm also fairly confident that tomorrow's visit to Dr. Man will make me cry. Do I have to wait until we're in the car to cry? Or can I do it right there on the table?

Baby is growing. And kicking. And jabbing. And stabbing. Generally making sure I know he's there (he is) and mad about how much of my stomach space I think I have the right to use (I can't really tell the difference between a mad kick and a happy kick, but if I were him I'd be mad).

I am trying (unsuccessfully) to sleep, walk, stop whining, and eat the entire contents of my fridge on a daily basis (did you know it's possible to eat MORE?). 

I am also trying (successfully) to "nap" often, waddle around the office every 2 hours, mentally spend a small fortune on all the things I never knew I can't live without (do I really need a wipe warmer?), and tricking Josh into painting my toenails for me. (thanks for the help Tara!)


  1. Unless you want Thomas to be a sissy, you don't need a wipe warmer. ;)

    It's SO So So close!

  2. 1-you look adorable
    2-it's YOUR pregnancy, CRY IF YOU WANT TO! ... don't have to wait until you get in the car, just let it out girly!
    3-you don't REALLY need a wipe warmer, I only used mine for like a month...you can live without one!

  3. You are so cute! I agree with the previous comment. Just cry if you want to. I would. :)

  4. Prego women are aloud to cry all they want. So cry, bawl, do what you gotta do. :) I'm so excited for you!!!!

  5. Did I know you had a blog? No. You are a very cute pregnant person and I haven't notice one single hint of a waddle, well, at least not yet... =)

  6. Wipe warmer?! Ha, ha, ha. There are so many things out there that you really just don't need.

    5 weeks! Such a wonderful number. My husband keeps jacking our number up...it's like he's plotting against me. The next few weeks are going to fly by and drag by at the same time, I'm sure.

    And before you know it you'll be unpregnant again. :)

  7. You're cute AMY and so is baby Thomas. I can already tell that I have one adorable nephew there. Can't wait to meet him!!
    I hope everything goes well at your appointment!

  8. Not only are pregnant woman allowed to cry, women in GENERAL are allowed to cry WHENEVER and WHYEVER (is that a word, anyone?) they darn well want to. I sure as heck do. And I just DARE anyone to tell me it's not ok. Especially when I AM crying. If they do, they will learn where the "Hell hath no fury" line came from. On a lighter note, can't wait to see you tomorrow! I am glad I get to host your shower. It will be wonderful and cute and blue and perfect, even if you do get a wipe warmer.

  9. On crying. I'm a big believer in it. And I will if I want. Thanks for backing me up in that.

    On wipe warmers, I'll probably never buy one myself, but if I had one I'd use one. And I'd like it. And I'd wonder how the pioneers got across the plains without them. Same as a cell phone.

    Caprene - you're too kind. Thanks for no noticing my waddle. :)

    Rachel - I can't wait for tomorrow either, I'm excited for the party, which will be awesome because you're the boss of it. See you tomorrow!

  10. so close!! can't wait

  11. Yea! I'm coming to the shower tonight for like 2 minutes so make sure you're not late Amy! I have to run to rehearsal right when it starts. But I'm excited to meet your little bun in the oven. And I've NEVER noticed a waddle (do I even sit watch you like that? no. but it hasn't been bad enough for me notice it so don't worry!).

  12. Woohoo for getting your toenails painted. Ü I'll have to take a peek at them this weekend.

    I hope you have a blast at your shower. I'm still upset I'm missing it. :(


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