Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Da Belly: 34 Weeks

That's right. 34 weeks. That's a significant number because it means just 6 weeks left. 
Only pregnant ladies know about all the other numbers of weeks. But even normal people measure by 6 weeks. Even my 19 year old brother-in-law could tell you that 6 weeks is just a month and a half. The countdown is real now. And it seems to be going by faster every week. I'm still bitter that I'm counting down to nothing....kindof annoying.

For baby 34 weeks means:
  • Developing lungs.
  • Fat layers. I won't lie, I love baby fat.
  • Smooth skin.
For me 34 weeks means:
  • More panic over all the things I have yet to prepare. Everything falls in the category. My particular brand of nesting is totally useless. My child has nowhere to sleep, no decorations, very few essentials and I have no clue where we'll put all of his stuff....BUT my bookshelf is reorganized and I wiped the dust off the tops of all the light switches.
  • More sleepless nights. I kid you not, last night I woke up for my 2am potty break and wasn't even back to my bed before a swift kick in the bladder had me running back for the toilet. The toilet is not that far from the bed. 
  • Swollen hands and feet. I'm secretly hoping that by keeping my feet propped up on my computer tower all day long I'll avoid cankles....that's fair, right?
  • Apparent hyper-sensitivity to the sun.

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