Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Here's your sign

When you come to work looking like a , by 9am you realize that more people see your skin than you ever noticed. 

Maybe part of you feels exposed.
Maybe part of you feels noticed and cared for.
Maybe part of you feels stupid (what kind of idiot stays outside all day long with ZERO sunscreen anyway?).
Maybe part of you feels like everyone ELSE is stupid (what kind of idiot sees someone who is this shade of red and feels the need to ask "didja get some sun this weekend?")

Maybe part of you wants to respond "Nope. Sat in my basement all weekend long with the lights off watching movies....here's your sign." or "Nope. Call it a makeup malfunction....here's your sign" or "Nope. Showered in tomato juice this morning.....here's your sign."

But mostly you probably just laugh because deep down inside you know that they spent their weekend doing something way less fun than the Sheepdog Festival.

Besides, One thing I love about being sunburned at work, is that everybody knows I had a great holiday weekend, and a lot more people ask what I did. So instead of dishing out signs to all 9,000 people who ask about my current shade of red, I'm just gonna smile and pretend they're the first to comment. Even if it is 2pm.


  1. I was there too! But it was cloudy the day I went so I didn't get a bit of sun. I think I might actually be a little paler than I was before I went.

  2. Holy dang girl! Did you get some sun? :)

  3. Darn. Momma Twitch beat me to it; now it won't be as witty. But isn't that the point? I'll ask anyway.

    Wow, did you get some sun?

    Sheepdog festival, huh? Sounds interesting. I've never been to a sheepdog festival.


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