Saturday, December 15, 2007

Gina's wedding

My cousin Gina got married yesterday and we were invited to the wedding ceremony in Logan. My grandpa always said that funerals are the greatest meetings in the church, but I think it's weddings. I love them. I always come away loving my husband that much more and remembering how glad I am to be married to him. I love that everybody is happy and beautiful and fancy. It's just a great occasion.

The wedding was in Logan, and we didn't have to be there until 2:30 so I told Josh we needed to leave our house at 12:45. We wound up leaving late, and it took 20 minutes to get on the freeway, I needed to stop at Walmart to buy nylons because mine are holey and it was kinda starting to snow. Chances were against us making it there on time.

Once Josh figured out how late we were he started driving like I wished he was the whole time though. Sometimes he drives like a maniac and sometimes he drives like an old lady. I was trying really hard to just let him drive, but secretly I wanted this to be a maniac time. It finally turned into a maniac time when he realized we had to go 30 miles in 15 minutes to get to the canyon with enough time to make it through the canyon (without stopping at Walmart). He reminded me that the new tires he put on the car are rated to go 140 mph. I reminded him that even though the speedometer in our car has that number, we shouldn't go quite that fast.

Fortunately we made it on time, stopped at Walmart for me, and sped through the canyon, took the scenic route to find the Logan temple (I only know how to get there one way, and it wasn't the right way.), and didn't miss the ceremony. Josh likes to get places just as they are starting. His favorite flight we were ever on involved us running across the airport to get to a shorter security line, then running back to our terminal and the gate, and walking right on the plane because they were already boarding. This is not the way I like to do things. I'd rather arrive early and sit there waiting patiently for an hour than run and not wait at all. Anyway, we sat down for about 2.3 minutes when they took us to the sealing room. Whew! Just in time!

The ceremony was great, and made me think of all of those good things. Why I love my husband, the things that were said in our ceremony, everything good. It was beautiful. When we went out for pictures it was FREEZING. Poor Gina in her beautiful but not warm dress! I'm sure they were dying, but they looked fantastic. We laughed because we saw them come out into the temple waiting room, then they waited for everyone to gather outside, and made sure nobody was walking behind them so their pictures would turn out. From the time someone saw her to the time they stepped out the door was probably 10 minutes. When Josh and I got married, the nice lady said "please walk out quickly and get out to take pictures because there are people behind you." Since I HATE to be "in the way" I bolted out of the temple. We walked out and didn't even wait for people because I know that people tend to pool and visit and that's what they were avoiding. I practically ran out the doors, dragging poor Josh the whole way with my mom right behind me because she couldn't get out before me. It was funny to see the difference.
It was so cold outside! But Gina was smart enough to wear sweats under her dress. :)
The sealer talked about how love is not just a feeling, it's a commitment and a something else. He talked about how 2 people are more than just double one. How we need to work together and sacrifice. How sometimes love is work and you don't feel like it, but you do it anyway. He said that love at first sight is sweet, but love at last sight is far more important. He hoped that one would look down at the other as they take their last breathe and think back to this day thinking that they thought they loved each other then, but now they really know what love is. He told them that in the garden Adam listened to Eve and Eve listened to Satan. They both should have been listening to Heavenly Father and he hoped they would do that. He also talked about praying together and how if you work out your differences before praying you'll feel the spirit stronger and your prayers will be more powerful. Both your family and couple prayers. It was great. They asked Uncle Kenneth (my mom's brother) to do the ceremony, and he did a really great job. I'm very glad we got to be there for it.

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