Sunday, December 2, 2007

Better days

Well, after a pretty scary week, I had a surprisingly good weekend. A couple of weeks ago, Jamie and I decided that we were going to have a pretzel dipping party and we sent out invitations and everything. :) Good times. We also decided that while we dipped pretzels our husbands could play 007 and other Nintendo games. In the mean time we found out that Josh started "clinic" for school AND he got himself a job hanging up some dude's Christmas lights. So, I was bummed that he wouldn't be able to play at our party. And Cameron was bummed. I love that they get along, and they've been missing each other a lot lately, which is really cute. Anyway, since he scheduled that job, I've been praying for snow on Saturday. As it turns out, I prayed hard enough - plus maybe a little extra because is seriously snowed like a foot. And it snowed ALL DAY LONG. So, Josh went to school in the morning, and played pretzel party with us in the afternoon. It was TONS of fun!

Today we woke up and did NOTHING all morning long, it was amazing. I LOVE lazy Sundays! There just aren't words for the stress relief that it brings. :) So, we had a great lazy Sunday, came home from church, put on our grunge pants, and went to Lindon for my Dad's birthday. It was great - I have to say I really do miss my mom's cooking. She's amazing. Everyone came over, and we had a grand time. Food, memories, games.

It was also Ryann's (my niece) first birthday last week, so Katy made a video slideshow of her. It was pictures, video, music and it was SOO precious! I can't believe she's already a year old. Anyway, the video turned out beautifully highlighting everything from the day she was born, to her first camping trip, hike, photoshoot, steps, it was great. I've kindof always thought that video cameras were kinda lame, but that totally made me change my mind. It was so fun to see her and how much she's grown just in a year! Exciting.

Fortunately the weekend was paced slow enough that I got nowhere near a snowcoaster moment and I feel ready for another real week of work. So, off to bed I go so I can really be ready.

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