Sunday, December 9, 2007

Kudos to Mike

Sometimes I feel like I don't know anything about things that most people know about. For example, I remember the first time in my life I ordered pizza all by myself - I was 20 years old, and I was scared of doing it. I remember the first time I was on a plane, I was 17 and it was for a school trip. I remember finding out that you could buy syrup at the store and that not all families made it from scratch. I'm still learning things like that.

This year I learned that The Forgotten Carols was not just a CD. I liked the songs, but didn't think that it was that great or really understand all of the hype. In fact, some of the songs I didn't even like that much. "I CRYYY!!!! the day that I take the tree down...." seems like a stupid song to me. Anyway, this year Josh told me he wanted to take me to The Forgotten Carols, and I said they just have a choir sing them all? I'd rather listen to the good singers on my CD at home. That's when he told me that it's a play. Like there's a story line to it and it has actors and everything. I got kindof excited.

So Friday was the big night and we got to go the play. It started snowing earlier in the evening, we got all dressed up and went over to the high school. By the time we got there the roads were slick and snow packed. We went in to the concert which was AMAZING. I was very impressed. Michael McLean was hilarious, and I know everyone says he can't sing, but I love his voice. I LOVE it! The whole play was fantastic. I laughed, and I TOTALLY cried. More than once. It was an amazing play. I can't believe my whole life I didn't know there was more to those songs. now I love them more than I did before, and that's a pretty good thing. I'm SO glad we got to go and so glad Josh took me. It was amazing.

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