Saturday, December 22, 2007


Oh man! Oh man! So today we had to do some redbox, we did some shopping, and while we were at my parents, they looked at this newspaper article about the Utah Family that won the KFC (yes the chicken) Lighting contest this year. Well, we thought we'd go see it since they were in Pleasant Grove and so are we. So, we looked up their website to get directions. Well, we heard there might be a line to get into the neighborhood, but decided we'd check it out anyway. Holy cow! That is truly one of the most amazing things I think I've ever seen.

The website has video (make sure your speakers are turned up) of the light show, it's incredible. Seriously. For some reason I can't get the website to work right now, but it did work at mom and dad's, so hopefully it will when you click it too. Totally worth 10 minutes of your time. It was incredible! That might be our new tradition, going to see shows like that all over the place. I've seen a lot of videos of them, but I've never seen a real one before, it was amazing.

Also in our adventures today, we found a store that sells big comfy cool bean bag chairs. They aren't love sac's, but pretty similar. Josh has really wanted one for the new house, but I was having a hard time paying that much. Anyway, we saw the huge ones for much cheaper than a love sac, and decided to buy it. So, we have a new couch chair love sac thing. I'm excited about it. Merry Christmas to me!

We plan to close on the house on Wednesday and move over next weekend, which is overwhelming, but VERY exciting. Yay for our new house!

Merry Christmas to all!

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  1. We tried to go see this house last night too--but we decided we didn't want to wait in the gigantic long line to see it--seriously it was like a half hour line. Corey's neighbors have a gigantic light show, though, and we watched that last night--it was pretty amazing. 30 minutes of crazy music and lights all over the place!


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