Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I'm stressed. Not the good kind either. Not the kind that motivates you to work hard and be good. I'm talking about the crippling kind of stress. The kind that makes you wind up naked in a snowcoaster.

This morning Josh got up and started packing and let me sleep until I was finally ready to get up and go to work. Once I got to work the phone calls started. One building didn't have any heat. Another tenant thinks they can only pay 75% of their rent because it's a new year. Our neighbor is mad that we ruined Christmas by digging up the sewer line because there was raw sewage in the basement of a house we're renting.

Then the phone calls started about my house. No there will not be docs to sign today. That means we can't close on our house, and that means it won't fund by tomorrow, and we can't take possession tomorrow. When our lender gets their act together and gets docs to the title company we can sign them, then they can fund, and THEN we can take possession. After talking to our loan officer, that might not happen tomorrow. If it doesn't happen tomorrow, we'd close on Friday, then fund on Monday (if enough places are open non New Years Eve) and possibly be able to move on New Years Day. If not enough places are open, that means we don't move until Josh's birthday. He'll be back to work, and my work will be busy again, and it won't be pretty. So, all day I've been coordinating efforts between my lender, real estate agent, and their real estate agent to get everything done in time. Not that I don't want to move for another week, just that I REALLY want to move this weekend. We're packing, we're ready to go and I don't want to live out of boxes, rearrange all of the help we have, and go to my ward again. We've said our farewells, and I'm not doing it again! So, here's hoping we get everything done.

I seriously lost it earlier this morning. There's this Safety Kids song that we used to sing growing up. "Sometimes you just gotta yell and scream, sometimes it's the only thing to do!" That was me. I've never been so frustrated with people. Why can't you just do your job?!?!?!?! If people want to buy a house, and pay you to find them the money to do it, JUST DO IT!!!! Don't wait until the day after Christmas to do a verification of employment, then get mad at me because not everybody is at work today! You've had the information for 3 weeks! You knew we were closing in the middle of the holidays and not everybody would be available. Just do your job and do it efficiently, and don't be grumpy with me because you didn't! Arg!

So I called Josh while I was grumpy and frustrated at our lender for not being a grown up and I'm pretty sure I was grumpy at him. I think I hung up on him kinda, but fortunately he's just fine. He's calm and not worried about it, and he's real good at keeping perspective. Like if it doesn't happen tomorrow, it'll wait and we'll be just fine. No it's not as convenient, but it's OK. I'm losing it, yelling, screaming, breaking stuff, slamming doors, and he's saying "but you can still have a good day huh?" He's so great like that. That's why I'm glad I'm married, so someone can make me calm the heck down.

It did make me feel better that Gabe was equally mad. Gabe is the source of a lot of really ugly phrases, in fact I'm thinking of instituting "ugly Gabe phrase of the day" in my office because he really is good at coming up with things. (NOTICE: If you're sensitive to ugly words (not swear words, just ugly ones) skip to the next paragraph because ugly phrase of the day ALWAYS includes ugly words.) Today it was: "do you ever feel like someone is pissing on your back and telling you it's raining?" Yes, yes I do. I think I like hearing ugly phrases. I laugh at them and it makes me feel better. Chelsea taught us about the "butt crack of dawn" when you should' be up yet because it's still dark outside. One time I said something about "sucking my juices" which was about my car, but sounded uglier than that. The list of ugly phrases goes on, but I'll skip it for now.

The ugly phrase of the day section is now over. And actually, I feel better for it, so I think I'm ready to stop "yelling at my blog" (read: typing furiously, quickly, and hard on the keys while scowling at my screen because there isn't' anybody for me to really yell at, which just adds to the grumpiness). Thank you for listening, I feel much better now. Really I do.


  1. umm...butt crack of dawn is MY phrase! NOT Chelsea's thank you very much. :)

  2. Are you serious? I thought Chelsea said it first and you got attached to it! Man that's ugly!!!


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