Monday, December 24, 2007

'Tis the season

It's official Christmas is here. It's kinda weird that it snuck up on me. I kept thinking I was way ahead of the game, what with stating the music and the shopping in September, only problem is that I kept thinking I was ahead, and then before I noticed I got behind! :)

It's not too bad, but I had this awful moment of realizing I forgot a batch of people in my life to whom I need to give presents. Big trouble for me!

The parties have begun. We've gone to 4 so far for Josh's side of the family, and have 2 more next week. As for my side....well we're less festive, we'll just say that. I don't think my family has EVER had a big extended family Christmas party. This year we're all getting together on Christmas Eve, which totally counts as a party, but we don't have any traditional get together or anything. I do have the feeling that it would be very different from Josh's family parties if we did though....

So far we've gone out to eat at Chuck-a-Rama and to see "Santa vs. the Snowman" at Clark Planetarium (COOL) had a food party at his Grandma's clubhouse, caught the tail end of the clam chowder Kearney party, done birthdays, played games, and had WAY too much food. Tomorrow night is my family, where we'll exchange gifts, eat more food, and open our Fontanini nativity pieces. I'm excited for that.

It feels a little weird that this is our 2nd married Christmas....I guess I should get used to that soon, because before I know it we'll be old! Today at the Egbert party we were not the newliest weds in the room. I think that's the first time since we've been married that we haven't been the newliest weds in any room. I guess we're growing up....slowly but surely.

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