Saturday, December 22, 2007

Hot dates!

I'm thankful for my good husband. Yesterday I called him at 4:45 and said I was ready for him to come and get me, then I went upstairs to pick up something off the printer and heard David talking to Kim about our 1031 deadline. OH DANG!!! I totally forgot to put the stuff together for that, Kim had asked me to put together the identification package like way early in the morning and I totally spaced it. My bad! Like way bad! So, I started working on that frantically, then we had to figure out the percentages that we thought we'd buy in each project and I didn't leave until 6:00. The entire time, my hungry husband waited patiently in the cold car (I told him he could come in, but I was stressed and he doesn't like to be in the same room as I am when I'm stressed so he opted to be cold). When I finally got out there, we remembered we were going on a date with his old mission buddy and his new VERY significant other.

We met at Rumbi (which by they way, might be my new favorite restaurant....SO good!) after running to Bath and Body Works to take advantage of the soap for $3 deal. We actually made it on time. While we were driving in the mall parking lot, I was AMAZED at how high the plowed snow got! It was seriously incredible. Taller than the trees, twice as tall as Josh. I know it was a lot piled up, but I don't know how it got that high without falling down! It was rad. In and out at Bath and Body (not 1 person asked us if we needed help finding anything, that's how fast we were) and off to our hot date.

Thompson is dating this girl who has a 1 year old daughter. So, the 5 of us sat at Rumbi and talked and ate and hung out for like 2 hours. It was great. This girl (the daughter) was SOO adorable! And of course entertaining. She was the most content baby I've seen in a long time. She just wanted to play, she crawled around on the table, ate pita bread, danced, played with the menu and the comment cards, and entertained all of us for a long time. I don't think I've ever sat in a restaurant like that for so long. And the girl that Thompson is dating is really cute too. We had a good time hanging out last night. I felt like it was real date because someone else was on a real date, so it meant we were too. :)

I did learn a few things.....the mall is NOT the place I want to be the weekend before Christmas, not even a little. There were a gajillion people there, but we weaved our way in and out of mall people traffic and survived. So, today we have 1 last minute gift we need to grab, but we have been pretty much done for about 2 weeks. That makes me happy. It means we'll run out, and shop if we want to, we'll maybe look at some stuff for our house, we will NOT be on a mission, we will NOT be in a hurry, and we WILL have a fun day. I need to finish making bread for our neighbor gifts, but it's going to be relatively stress-free and this makes me really happy.

I like being prepared and I owe it all to the internet! Yay for online shopping!!! It's the next couple of days I'm more worried about. Too many parties, too little time. Plus I made the mistake of wrapping every present as soon as I got it and sticking it under the tree, I labeled them all, but I didn't put our presents in a different place than everybody else's presents. That means I have to dig to make sure I get everybody else's presents to them appropriately.....and I don't open them up on Christmas morning thinking they're all ours.

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  1. I did that same thing--putting all the presents all together under the tree. Now it's an adventure every time we go see family to take them their presents because I have to move everything under the tree.


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