Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Portland baby!!!

So after our snowman was sufficiently built and standing, we headed off to the airport, got there in plenty of time, checked in, got all of our parents on the same flight as us and waited. Airports are just one of those things about life, where you get there an hour early just in case it takes longer than you expect, and then you wait for an hour because it doesn't take as long as you thought it would.

It's funny to see the difference between my parents and Josh's parents. And even funnier to see their similarities. Mom Fugal (or MF as we will now refer to her) and Mom Reilley (MR) stopped at every restroom and kept their feet on the imaginary brakes the whole time. When we got to Portland we got off the plane and headed straight for food. We drove in the general direction of the airport, and happened to see a Chile's so we stopped. My parents have NEVER (I mean never) been to a Chile's before in their lives, so it was a new and exciting experience to them. I kindof had to laugh because I remember my first years at college and even in high school every time my friends would go somewhere - even simple places I'd ask how to go there because I'd never been. Ordering pizza, Wendy's (before I was 17 I could count on one hand the number of times I'd eaten at Wendy's.), Dee's, anywhere. I kindof forgot that my parents never lived with roommates and are still right where I was. It's funny now to hear someone say that, but I remember very well that feeling.

Our second item of business was going to the temple. Which was no small feat. When Josh and I went to the Portland last year around this time, we discovered that just outside the distribution center was a restroom. A big one. We used it to change to our "street clothes" or "Sunday duds" as we call them in my family. Since we were just 2 of us, and we both changed at the same time, it took us maybe 2.3 minutes to complete this process.

When our parents asked if they should wear their Sunday duds on the plane, I told them that sounded awful to me, and that they could change this this public restroom just outside. So, we pulled up, and then I realized that we really weren't going to go in 2 at a time to change. Then I realized that when you have 6 people changing 1 at a time in the only bathroom, it takes a long time. This was the first moment that I realized it's different to travel with 6 people instead of 2.

After a lot of shivering, shaking, and commenting on how funny it was that both of our dad's forgot their ties, we headed in. I LOVE the Portland temple. Everybody knows it's the most beautiful temple on the planet. Even though I'm partial to Mt. Timpanogos because it's where I got married and grew up, I'm willing to admit that Portland is probably the most beautiful temple on the planet. Of course we had to stop for a photo opportunity, but we wanted to do that before it got dark, and only MR took the pictures, so I'll post some when I get them.

Finally we were on our way. Until we remembered that we wanted to find a grocery store and get some snacks and food for the trip. My dad has probably never eaten breakfast at a restaurant, and to be honest, he makes such great breakfast food, he'd probably be disappointed if he did. So, we got breakfast ingredients, and a LOT of snacks. I looked at the cart which had about as much food as Josh and I will eat in 2 months, and had to take a leap of faith, trusting my moms that they knew how much we'd eat. Finally we really headed to the coast.

I laughed that all of the adults were impressed with my ability to follow an online map, and then decided that they just didn't know how great google really is. Turn by turn directions are nothing short of a miracle.

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