Saturday, December 29, 2007

The move

That seriously couldn't have gone better. I'm, overwhelmed and tired and still have a lot to do, but I am SO much better off than I could have been!

This morning people showed up at my house (thank you all!) and loaded up my entire living room (3-4 full days work to pack up) in a matter of like half an hour. Then they started on the hard stuff. There was so much we couldn't pack up, bed, dresser, desk, and it just needed to be picked up and moved. So, they did that too!

Josh's Reilley dad must have asked and double checked and made sure about 1,000 times that we didn't need him to bring his trailer. I was so sure we would be ready, I had arranged to rent a Uhaul and got the size bigger than I thought we needed, when I looked around our house, I was sure we wouldn't have enough stuff to fill it up. I was wrong.

We didn't have room for the washer and dryer, or for the desk. So, it was 2 trips for us. The first left at like 10:30. I stayed at the old house to pack up the fridge and would meet everyone else there. After I packed the fridge I headed out, got to the new house while everyone was unloading I thought I'd put my food away. Then I opened the fridge and remembered I needed the cleaning stuff. We remembered rags, but somehow the cleaner wasn't with them. So I had to go in search of a store. I thought it would be a great opportunity to get to know the neighborhood. I knew we weren't downtown and we weren't close to much, but I also knew that there had to be a grocery store if I just headed toward the freeway. 25 minutes later I found Shopko WAY up in Bountiful. By Costco. We are nowhere NEAR that. But, I just kept going thinking I had to be close and turning around would be pointless. I could see the freeway! I just couldn't get there....much less under it and to the shopping area. Oh well. On my way back, I learned that someone in Utah still moves stuff via train.

For some reason trains seem really old fashioned to me. I'm sure it was an efficient way to do things back the day, but I just can't think of 1 single thing that requires a train to move. Other than train cars. But, here in North Salt Lake, they use trains. Oh boy do they use trains! On Saturday they use LONG trains. About halfway through I thought I should start counting them, but it was too hard and I kept losing my number. But, I got up to 20 more than once....whatever that means. :)

By the time I got back, everybody was ready to go back for the second load. Josh was driving the Uhaul, and I was trying to put everybody to work. I had both of my mom's on the counter washing cupboards (pretty dang funny sight) and boxes everywhere. I made everybody here pack up and head back to my old house to help me clean there because I wasn't sure where I wanted everything here and I really just wanted to do it myself.

We all went back to the old house and my dad and brother Randy had moved all of the heavy furniture up from downstairs and we all got to work cleaning. People scrubbing every nook and cranny! I guarantee that the house was cleaner than when they left it.

I kept telling my moms that "it was that way when we got here - don't worry about it." it kindof became a joke. "I promise, that dust on the counter was here when we moved in, it's not ours, don't clean it! It's somebody else's dust." While I realize that's rediculous, I really didn't feel the need to deep clean, the pipes under the sink, inside the cupboard you can't even get to, under the big green couch, some places I really thought we could've left. I guess that's why I'm an obnoxious 20 year old, and my dear sweet moms aren't. They took care of it all. They are amazing and kind and wonderful and cleaned things that would've made me lose my lunch!

Now we're just getting home and I have boxes everywhere! I guess I'd better get to it, I'd love to be able to sleep in a relatively clean house tonight. My goal is to have the kitchen done, the bedroom clean enough to walk through, and the remaining boxes in their correct rooms. Wish me luck!

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