Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Some nights productivity slips away from me....Monday that somehow escaped me. I was so proud of myself at the end of the night when I went to pick up Josh. I knew I had done a great job, but when I actually talked to Josh and started to report my evening activities, I suddenly lost all I had done. I realized that I didn't do the dishes, the ENORMOUS pile of laundry, make the bed, get lunch ready for tomorrow, NOTHING. Not 1 single thing that I intended to do...

On Sunday we had a lesson about journals and history and keeping a record and I got all excited about typing my grandpa's mission journal again. So, on Monday I did that, entered some bills for Gabe, took care of some other minor work projects, and then something happened to my night, I don't know what it was, but it simply vanished.

Tonight has been better so far - in fact I'm already blogging! Not bad eh? Maybe this night will be a success.

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  1. Don't you love it when that happens--and you just have to wonder what you did? By the way, I love the Christmas music on your blog!


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