Monday, December 24, 2007

Farewell Millstream

Today was our last Sunday in the Millstream ward. Officially. Wow, that feels weird. This is the only ward we've had our records in since we got married. We lived in one other ward, but only for a month and our records weren't ever transferred since we were there so briefly. So, our first grown up callings, our first sacrament meeting talks, our first house, our first garden, our first "can I borrow an egg" neighbors, our first lots of things are going to be gone forever.

We're very grateful for the chance we've had to live in this neighborhood and this house, and we're VERY excited to move on to our own place. I can't tell you how thrilled I am that I won't look at seagreen walls anymore. That we'll have a fan in our bathroom (eliminating the daily fire drill due to the steam from a shower setting off the smoke alarm), a big fat kitchen, a couch that we chose from DI all by ourselves, a big closet, 2 bathrooms (both with showers!), a disposal, room for my bosch, the list goes on. Our new house is fantastic and I can't wait to live there! This house has been great, and it's the reason we can buy a house now, so we're so glad to have lived here, but so glad it's over.

There are a few people I will really miss, and a lot of people I genuinely appreciate in this neighborhood. The day we moved in our next door neighbor (the Stake President's son) just picked up a box and started helping us move in. The Relief Society first counselor quickly followed with spaghetti and Ragu for dinner. The first Sunday Sister Johnson sat by me and told me all of the inside jokes and why everyone went "ooohhh" when someone announced a new baby. She told me a little about everyone and made me feel right at home. The other Johnson's gave me advice on scrapbooking and told me to start while I was young. The missionaries taught me about discussions. The Austen's helped my testimony grow by showing me what life is like without it. Sister McAllister made me realize how easy my life is. Nancy Derrick taught us about pickles and how to make Cafe Rio food. Judd Cahoon was an amazing home teacher, and Lindsey let me substitute primary sometimes. The Green boys sponsored the biggest water fight of our lives here. Brother Green taught fantastic Sunday School lessons about getting your drill if you're prompted to pick it up. Mr. Showell bobcatted (I know it's not a real word, but you know what I mean) the snow off our driveway so Josh and I didn't have to shovel. And a mystery saint raked our leaves for us. So many people have been so great to us, and we're sad to leave this neighborhood.

In Relief Society Sister Marchent announced that we'd bought a house and asked how much longer we were here, when I told her it was our last Sunday, everyone made that sad sound "awwww" because they'll miss us. It feels good that even half of the people there knew us, and great that they'll miss us! It's a bitter-sweet moment.

I'm excited and ready for a fresh start, a new place, new faces. And I'm a little scared. Who knows what our new ward will be like, what if nobody talks about pickles or has an extra egg for my rolls on Sunday? What if nobody helps us move in, our neighbors smoke, or we get a scary calling. From what I can tell, the new neighborhood is full of people our age and in our situation, that's exciting to me, but also terrifying! It's good to know that no matter where we go I'll be able to call my mom for advice, and Jamie and Cameron will come play with us.

Here's hopin' the new ward is as great as this ward has been!

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  1. Moving is so exciting and so scary at the same time, but I'm so excited for you to have your own house! I need your email address so that I can keep in closer contact with you, rather than always signing in to facebook!
    Merry Christmas!


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