Tuesday, April 2, 2013


5 Easters ago my heart ached to care for something living.

So we bought a plant.

5 years later I often feel like I have more life in my house than I can care for.

Who would have thought my life could be so different in just 5 years?

There's just so. much. life. in this place. I couldn't possibly love it more.

And that plant? It's been with us for 5 years now.


  1. I loved this post—and those two pictures of you with your sweet little boys? Absolutely adorable!

  2. Wow! I was touched by this little post of yours because it so truly resembles my own little journey. Thanks for the great reminder of what God gives us and how great having a little ( or a lot) of life around you truly is!

  3. LOVE THIS! A great reminder of what CAN change. Today you're a beautiful Mother of two adorbale little boys, but a simple reminder that it wasn't always that way and it wasn't an "easy" journey. Thanks for sharing.

    Oh--and we NEED a new family picture with Jr the plant! :)

  4. Ahhh. This is a beautifully sweet post. I am glad you have so much life to take care of.

  5. Wow, good job keeping a plant alive for 5 years!

    Okay, I'm not even prego-emoto, but this post got me a little teary. What a blessing and a joy your little guys are. I love you and your family so much! You're a wonderful mama.


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